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    New generation evaluation methods provide scientific insights on employee performance in selection, placement and promotion decisions. The paves the way to effectively invest in choosing new colleagues and HIPOs, as well as developing and growing existing employees to realize measurable benefits.

    Founded on leading neuro-science and contemporary learning methods, digitalized and non-digitalized solutions are often used in tandem to achieve swift, permanent changes in behavior. These behavior changes translate to business outcomes and results. Focused on agile strategies, business games, simulations, and extremely engaging trainings, we ensure participants learn and retain knowledge through experience.

    Baltas Group is the consultancy company focusing on workforce talent and change in its region in terms of the consistent business outcomes it delivers, likability, recognition and customer loyalty thanks to its deeply experienced staff and the synergy it creates with its specialized partners.

    Since 1983, Baltas Group provides tailor-made solutions for companies seeking sustainable success through investing in their people, by developing employees and leading strategic change. We partner with organisations at any point in their employee lifecycle; from recruitment and selection to learning and development to organisation wide transformation programmes to offboarding.