All companies have a strategy and a target, at different scales. These strategies may be in a format structured according to the size and approaches of a company, or may be specific to the company and even only be kept in memory. Also, there are business results that all companies measure on the basis of the benefits accrued by their performance for all partners which are periodically followed up. These business results may be associated with customers, employees, shareholders and busines processess in relation to the company values, vision and mission.

Generally, on an annual basis, companies determine measurable targets for the expected performance in these business outcomes. Both the company and the employee performances are evaluated according to the targets.

To be able to reach these targets, the strategies and the targets have to be hierarchically identified from top to bottom, internalised and aligned. Only under these conditions can the individuals questions their contributions in being able to or not being able to reach these targets in line with the institutional strategies.

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