The BEST Sales Test assists the determination of the suitable sales personnel meeting the expectations and needs of institutitons.

The Baltaş Sales Test (BEST), is a competence measurement tool with scientific criteria developed to enable selecting objectively the individuals with the right competences for sales positions.

The aim in implementing the BEST is to analyse the functions that will demonstrate the skills required by the sales position in relation to sales knowledge of the individuals.

The six dimensions to asess the competencies required for sales positions

  • Complying with regulations (complying with institutitonal regulations, working with planning, careful on details)
  • Self Confidence (Calm under pressure, reliable when facing events, resilient facing uncertainty, coping with impediments)
  • Success Focused (Successful, at the forefront, entering competition, having initiative, target oriented)
  • Relationship Management (Enjoying meeting new persons, providing alternative solutions, forming relations with ease)
  • Recognising Emotions (Identifying emotions from body language and the prevailing circumstances)
  • Sales Knowledge (Having general sales knowledge and understanding)
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