Business simulations are in the forefront of the effective training methods as proven by research. A ‘system thinking’ is induced in the individual’s mind by creating a replica virtual system. It provides the opportunity to test the question “what happens if done this way?” and thereby to see “what really happens”. During simulation, different strategies and implementations can be tried out without putting the system in danger, enabling the individual to learn how the system works, what activates it and what is required to increase its performance under various conditions and scenarios.

The Celemi Solution Providers is an institution based in Sweden that has been developing unrivaled and unique business simulations since 1972,operating through its business partners in over 40 countries.Celemi products are used in the prominent, middle and small scale companies all over the world. The Celemi business simulations are offered through the Celemi authorised trainers of the Baltaş Group to institutions aiming at achieving high performance.

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