The Baltaş International Group Entrepreneur Innovator Scale (GINO), has been developed for fast and objective selection of the new employees with the entrepreneurship and innovation competencies needed and expected by institutions, and for the formation and nurturing of an innovation culture in the institution. It is implemented with the aim to analyse the functions demonstrating the skills required by the work processes in relation to the attitudes and behaviours of the candidates.

The measured dimensions

GİNO measures innovativeness and entrepreneurship with respect to six dimensions

  • Entrepreneurship Accumulation
  • Change Leadership
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Innovativeness
  • Leap
  • Entrepreneural Leadership

Each dimension gives detailed information on the different attitudes and behaviours of the candidates.

Method of Implementing:

GİNO individual and group online implementation method is as follows:

  • The links for the scale together with the user names and passwords are sent to the e-mail addresses of the candidates
  • Candidates should answer the questions without interruption to their attention, in a suitably quiet environment
  • Candidates do not have the option to pass the questions and go back later
  • Candidates are expected to complete answering the scale in no longer than 20 minutes
  • The system closes automatically when the allocated time ends
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