Hogan Development Survey (HDS), identifies personality based performance risks and the difficulties in interpersonal relationships. These behaviours are especially exacerbated when workload and the environmental factors exert pressure on the individual. These are derailers that are significantly intertwined with personality and they adversely affect leadership skills and styles. The HDS is a measurement tool that enables awareness of these derailer behaviours representing the covert aspect of personality and that providesrecommendations that will help prevent the high prices likely to be paid by the companies.


  • Determines the behaviours that prevent the success of the individual working under pressure
  • Demonstrates the personality traits that would hinder professional development
  • Points out the behaviours needing attention when under pressure
  • Demonstrates the problems not easily detected under normal circumstances
  • Increases the self awareness of the individual
  • Informs on the individual’s behaviours in different circumstances
  • It is sensitive to individual rights and does not adversely affect the evaluated individual

Implementation and Reporting

  • HDS can be implemented and evaluated online from all over Turkey
  • Paper-pencil implementation convenience is provided for group testing
  • Can be completed within 15- 20 minutes
  • Issuing reports is possible right after completion
  • Test expressions and reports can be translated to different languages
  • HDS norms are based on the evaluation of the results of more than 10.000 managers

Application Areas

  • In relation to the style and skills in selecting a manager
  • As a sign post to career planning
  • In determining strengths and development areas of the individuals in talent pools
  • In determining the appropriate candidates in promotion systems
  • In determining the strenghts and development areas for team building programs
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