Hogan Motives Values Preferences Inventory (MVPI) is the personality measurement tool that demonstrates the basic values, goals and interests of the individual. The results of the MVPI show which job position the employee prefers and by what type of a working environment the employee is likely to be motivated.

Institutions may use the MVPI during recruitment to assess the accord between the individual and company values. The MVPI also provides information on the possible areas of competition and conflict within the teams. Basic values are part of the personality and the factors that motivate individuals represent where they want to reach.


  • Points out the desires and plans of the individual
  • Measures the congruence between the individual’s personality and the company values
  • Measures how the individual, as the leader, will motivate others
  • Facilitates the union of the employees on a common goal
  • Enables the formation of teams that will synergise with high performance
  • Defines the work environment determined by the business leaders
  • Identifies the impact of the company and its leaders
  • Helps for career advencement by identifying the individual’s expectations
  • Does not create an adverse effect on the individual, respects individual rights

Implementation and Reporting

  • It can be reached online with ease from all regions of Turkey
  • Allows for the use of paper and pen in group implementations
  • Can be completed in 15-20 minutes
  • Issuing reports is possible right after completion
  • Test expressions and reporting can be translated to different languages
  • Enables evaluation of the results on adults working in more than 100 institutions

Application Areas

  • In order to assess the candidate’s congruence with the company during recruitment interviews
  • In directing career planning
  • To form the project teams
  • To determine the intra-team competition and common values
  • To determine the individual management styles
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