Psychological stress is one of the factors threatening human health and life, therefore the measurement, evaluation and analysis of the risk factors that affect humans are needed. This scale can be adapted to different research subjects to predict the stress related outcomes.

Application aims:

Perceived Stress Scale (PSS) is a tool developed to assess the stress perceptions of individuals and groups. The individual experiences physical and pscyhological problems under the stress of threatening circumstances. Developing the skills of coping with stress at the work place is an important performance criterion for managers and employees. The PSS evaluates the thoughts and feelings on the individuals who experienced stress in the previous one month and determines the level and type of the experiences perceived as being stressful.

Evaluated areas:

The PSS measures the type and frequency of stress perceptions of the employees.

  • The frequency of stress percepiton by the individual or the group is determined as being “low”, “medium” and “high”.
  • Handles the individual experiences wiith respect to the types of stress perceptions under the dimensions of “threat on physical and mental health”, ‘uncontrollability”, “unexpectedness” and “causing extreme strain”.
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