Three important factors are involved in getting to know individuals and foreseeing their performances:

  • Do they have the right aptitude for the job?
    Career success requires more than technical knowledge and experience.
  • Will they enjoy the job?
    Contentment in the workplace depends on the job done and the competability with the company.
  • What are the factors impeding the success of the individual?
    Determination of derailers would assist the individual’s awareness of and the ability to predict the performance risks.

Personality assessment gives definitive and objective results while measuring the potential for performance. The companies aiming to reach the future by making impressive traces are provided by the Baltaş Group with new generation products and scientifically based unique solutions in association with the HOGAN ASSESSMENTS. The personality inventory reports are supported by the feedback given to the employees and/or their managers by the Baltaş Group consultants certified by Hogan Assessments.

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